Exploring NFT ideas and their use case

We have had several meetings this past week: a developer meeting on Sunday, marketing meeting Monday, and a design meeting on Wednesday. We interviewed several candidates for further development work within the DAO, onboarded some artists, a creative writer, and had several public discussions regarding future marketing strategy and organizational goals.

Marketing Meeting Recap

Discussed bounties, funding for bounties, NFTs, staking, some articles needed to get conversations started around future state, put together some weekly expectations to strive for the following:

  • Weekly AMA-style sessions — need to take some time to review the Q&A Proposal to determine if…

The information in this article has a scope to answer some questions and expectations we’ve been seeing from $AGVE token holders and potential investors.

For those that don’t yet know what Agave is they can read more on that from the Intro to Agave Medium article.

With the token launch upon us there are a lot of ideas and decisions to be made on the table. On the upcoming ideas and proposals it is expected that the $AGVE token holders will need to decide on, that includes 1hive members too as many of them have $AGVE tokens, this is the…

Agave is a decentralized, non-custodial money market and borrowing-lending protocol. Users can interact with the protocol by depositing liquidity (lending) or by providing collateral and taking out loans (borrowing).

Although Agave is a fork of Aave, a popular lending protocol running on Ethereum mainnet, Agave has been deployed on xDai Network, a sidechain of Ethereum that allows for significantly faster and cheaper transactions. Agave is currently under active development by members of the 1Hive DAO.

By interacting with Agave, liquidity providers can earn rewards in the form of interest on their deposited funds and borrowers can borrow funds in an…

Introducing $AGVE, or Agave, a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol where users can participate by borrowing or lending money through the application. Agave is a fork of Aave, built by the 1Hive community and deployed on the xDai chain where network fees are substantially lower. Additionally, the platform is expected to undergo many changes to build on the system that Aave has built, with the intention of making Agave even more integrated than Aave. This will be accomplished with further integration of other 1Hive projects such as Celeste, marketplace games, and the Honeyswap exchange.

Users can deposit tokens into the…

Agave Finance

Lending protocol on the xDai network

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